The Bariatric Psychological Evaluation at Behavioral Health Consulting Psychology, PLLC is conducted by Patrick C. Quinn, PhD, MHA.  Dr. Quinn has administered over a thousand psychological evaluations specifically for bariatric surgical clearance since 2000.

At Behavioral Health, PLLC all of the psychological evaluation is adminsistered in one appointment.  Some insurances require pre-notification or pre-authorization.  This is obtained either before the appointment or if this is not available, at the time of the appointment.

The evaluation consists of a clinical interview to determine the necessary psychological tests, followed by administration of the selected psychological tests, with the final part being a review of the tests with the patient to make sure any questions brought up by the testing can be clarified or explained.  

Most often, Behavioral Health, PLLC uses the Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD), administered on a computer.  This test is the most often administered test for helping patients prepare for bariatric Surgery.  In fact, patients are compared to bariatric norms.  There are still issues with the MBMD that require interpretation by a psychologist familiar with this test and with patients seeking bariatric surgery.  

In years past, Dr. Quinn has used the MMPI, but this test is not specifically designed to assist in preparation for bariatric surgery, so it is no longer a part of the evaluation protocol.

Addition tests are often administered in several different areas. Another test administered is used to determine the patient's "healthcare locus of control" - how much the patient attributes his or her health outcome to 1) his or her own efforts, 2) medical professionals, and 3) chance factors alone.  Tests and clinical interview are used to determine if there are substance use problems that could interfere with success.  In addition, clinical interview and tests are administered to determine if there is an eating disorder such as bulimia, binging, purging or other eating behavior that could interfere with a successful outcome.  Another test is used to help assess the patient's stress coping skills related to self concept, eating attitudes and patterns in eating situations.

The pateint will know the recommendation that will be made at the end of the appointment.

Most insurances cover the Bariatric Psychological Evaluation.  The NC/BS State Health Plan and some other BC/BS programs consider it diagnostic test (based on the way it is conducted at Behavioral Health, PLLC) so there is no co-pay.  Some other BC/BS plans do not cover a psychological evaluation for weight loss surgery even though the surgery may be a covered benefit, such as BC/BS of Minnesota.  Some plans do not cover bariatric surgery and therefor do not cover the psychological evaluation.  Please check with your insurance as early as you can.  When we request insurance information from you, we are trying to assist you find out the policy of your insurance so you can be aware of how you should proceed.