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Behavioral Health & Consulting Psychology provides: 

Disability Evaluations:  Disability Evaluations are conducted only on referral from the Veterans Administration or the North Carolina Disability Determination Service.  Disability Evaluations are the primary practice activity.  Dr Quinn has performed thousands of these evaluatons over his 25 years as a doctoral licensed psychologist in North Carolina. 

Supervision:  Supervision is a specialized type of Coaching, typically required for licensure or certification (Licensed Psychologist Provisional, Licensed Psychological Associate, Licensed Behavior Analyst, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate) and for professional growth.  Supervision is provided from the developmental model, which is based on the stage of professional growth needed by the supervisee.  Supervision is a more collegial form of Coaching.  Supervision is not at all like Therapy!  (Supervision may be available by telecommunication for a Licensed Psychological Associate, Licensed Psychologist Provisional,  Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, and for professional and personal growth.)

Bariatric Psychological Evaluation: Bariatric Evaluations are conducted on a fee for service basis only.   Most bariatric surgeons require a psychological evaluation for a patient to be considered for surgery.  Behavioral Health, PLLC has conducted hundreds of Bariatric Psychological Evaluations.  We can schedule your Bariatric Psychological Evaluation so it can be completed when you need it.  

Health Psychology:  I am not currently accepting new Heatlh Psycholgoy Clients.  Health Psychology is based on personal growth models such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, and Client Centered Approaches.  If you are referred by your physician, Health Psychology services may be covered by your health insurance.  If you have psychological issues that are affecting your health, especially poor eating habits, inability to accomplish goals, low energy level, etc. you may be a candidate for therapy at Behavioral Health Consulting Psychology.

Coaching:  I am not currently accepting new Coaching Clients.  Services are based on personal growth models of good Coaching Practice and are informed by systems like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), Motivational Interviewing, Applied Behavior Analysis, Zen/Buddhist Psychology, and Client Centered Approaches.  Coaching is often available by telecommunication such as SecureVideo, a confidential and secure interactive video (similar to Skype or FaceTime).  I prefer to use SecureVideo because it maintains the highest degree of confidentiality and security (and is in fact HIPAA compliant.)

Therapy:  I am not currently accepting new therapy patients in the office setting.  I am on the behavioral health panels of most major insurances, so I can provide Health Psychology services such as Bariatric Evaluations using your health insurance.    

Applied Behavior AnalysisI am not accepting new clients or consumers for in home Applied Behavior Analysis at this time.  All services in Coaching, Health Psychology and Supervision are informed by Applied Behavior Analysis, especially 3rd wave behavioral approaches like ACT, FAP, DBT, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, and similar approaches.  I provide supervision for a BCBA providing services only if he or she a Licensed Independent Provider (LIP) or working in an approved educational setting.



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